Christmas Preview of Flame of Redemption!

In celebration of Christmas I’ve posted a small excerpt of my second novel, Flame of Redemption!

December Blog Tour

Hey folks, As part of my December blog tour the first of several planned visits throughout the month has been posted. Check it out here! This interview should give you a bit more insight into my world, why I write what I write, and what you can expect from my series in the future. Enjoy!

Twin Flames Book 2 Status Update

Hey folks, Just a quick update on how things are progressing with book 2, Flame of Redemption. Currently, 8 chapters are completed and have been passed onto my critique group. I’m expecting the 9th to be done later this week. The story is still in the beginning stages, but there’s been a lot of action so far. Lochien finally gets …

Bound by Fire limited paperback giveaway!

I’m excited today to announce that from now until December 18th you can enter to win a free copy of the paperback edition of Bound by Fire on!

Tips for self-publishing and traditional publishing

Tips, tricks and experiences in the publishing industry to help you get your novel out via traditional press or self-publishing without making permanently damaging mistakes!