Christmas Preview of Flame of Redemption!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, I know. I’ve been rather busy, however, but I thought I’d stop in to post a small preview for book 2. This is just a teaser, still rough and unpolished, but it’ll give you something to look forward to. Book 2 is currently over 1/4 of the way finished at this point and should be at the half way mark in the coming weeks. This excerpt focuses on Lochien, one of my characters from book 2 as he continues his quest. Along the way his ship encounters one of the mystical beasts of the Center Sea…

I hope you enjoy the preview!

The captain narrowed his eyes and looked Lochien up and down. “I have no reason to trust a drunkard. What can you possibly do that we can’t?”
Lochien smiled. “Magic.” He pulled the medalion out of his robe and gripped it tighly in his hand. The familar etchings pressed into his skin; the faces of each god as they had been in his time.
I should have rid myself of this accursed object all those years ago. I should have just died.
Faust eyed the amulet for a moment and then barked an order. His crew looked at them uncertaintly, but they followed their captain and withdrew.
“You have two minutes. If whatever you’re planning doesn’t work, I’m throwing you overboard.”
“Don’t worry, captain. Just stay out of my way and I’ll handle the rest.”
He walked past Faust and stood at the edge of the starboard side. Lochien took a deep breath, cocked his arm and threw the medalion into the air above him and began to chant.
Faro hyll usona gobrth!
A faint glow burst from the medalion and hushed whispers erupted all around him. A woman cryed out, but he pressed on. The medalion dropped slowly downward until it floated just above his head.
Magabe pionia sethealoial
The light pulsed and the sea exploded in front of him. Where there had before been an unbroken layer of water and ice there was now a giant hole in the ocean, as if some invisible object had been inserted into it.
A great roar came from within the hole in the sea and a giant scaled beast thrust itself out of the sea and onto a nearby iceberg.
The Sea Tiger it was called by many, as it had a feline appearance. A thick, tough skin covered its body, and slanted yellow eyes that glowed with their own light illuminated the ice around the creature. Sharp teeth lined the rows of its mouth and long whiskers, used for feeling vibrations in the water, hung from either side of its face. Fins that almost looked like paws flapped in the air, and an enormous tail smashed the ice it lay on with fury.
Those hungry yellow eyes were focused on him now.

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