The Importance Of Reader Feedback

This is a topic that came up recently in a discussion with some other writers and I felt that it was something I needed to talk about on my own website. When one ventures into the world of publishing they will be subject to all sorts of feedback, reviews, criticisms and so on. These can be gut wrenching at times …

The Great Editor Hunt

Whether you’re in the process of writing a novel or looking to polish a completed manuscript one thing every writer needs at the end is an editor. You need someone that’s experienced, knowledgeable and meshes well with your style of writing. This can be harder than it may seem. If you do a simple google search for an editor you’ll …

New Website Design

Well then, here we are. It’s been a couple of years since I last updated the look of the website. The old style worked for a while and I really did like the design of the theme I was using, but as the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. I felt that it was time …

Maps in Writing

When it comes to constructing your world it’s very easy to become lost in your own creation without a visual reference or extensive notes to refer to. Personally, I prefer something I can look at rather than pages of notes when it comes to my world. So, in order to have a quick reference of where everything is, what lies between one village and the next, how large a mountain chain is, and so on, I create maps.

First Person POV: Thoughts and Fancies

Some say that authors tend to get stuck in the first person POV once they start using it, but I feel like it’s an excellent way to learn how to build interesting and unique characters without spreading yourself thin.