My favorite books are fantasy, and have been, since I was a child. I used to devour every book I saw, and developed a love for the fantastical worlds developed by my favorite authors. However, over the years the fantasy genre grew stale, and so I decided to set out on the path of writing myself. Determined to write a fantasy story that stood out from the rest, I sat down and began my first novel in 2006.

Several years late I finished my first novel, “Bound by Fire”, and continue my writing on new works. It’s been my goal to create a fleshed out world that I could continue to expand upon over time. That dream all starts with, “The Puppet Prince”.

I have one short story that has been accepted for publication in an anthology by Static Movement, a small press. The name of the anthology is “Dusted” and is currently available on Amazon.

With each passing day my skill as a writer continues to grow, and every success, no matter how small, brings me closer to my goal.

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